MOONTON Levels Up: Joining Forces with IO Esports for MLBB Academy League in Malaysia!

MOONTON Levels Up: Joining Forces with IO Esports for MLBB Academy League in Malaysia!

MOONTON Levels Up: Joining Forces with IO Esports for MLBB Academy League in Malaysia!

MOONTON Games, the genius minds behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), just teamed up with Malaysia’s esports maestros, IO Esports. The result? The birth of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Academy League Malaysia (MAL MY)! Let’s dive into the deets of this exciting collaboration that’s set to shake up the MLBB scene in the country.

MOONTON Create Academy League Unleashed: MAL MY Takes the Stage

MOONTON Games, on a mission to elevate the MLBB scene in Asia, joined hands with IO Esports to roll out the MAL MY. This academy league isn’t just a side gig; it’s officially becoming the developmental league for MLBB esports in Malaysia. Imagine it as the training ground for future MLBB legends, and it’s all going down from February to May, coinciding with the MPL Malaysia action.

IO Esports: The Perfect Esports Partner in Crime

Meet the brains behind the academy league – IO Esports, the esports event gurus from Malaysia. Known for organizing top-notch tournaments in the SEA region, IO Esports has shared the stage with gaming giants like Riot Games and Krafton. From the Ascension regional tournament to PUBG events in collaboration with Krafton, and even teaming up with GRID for the Dota 2 Bali Major – these folks know their esports.

MAL MY & MPL Malaysia: A Perfect Symbiosis

What’s the game plan? MOONTON, through the MAL MY, aims to fortify the MLBB scene in Asia, starting from the roots. And here’s the cool part – MAL MY and MPL Malaysia are running side by side. Picture it like a double-feature esports extravaganza from February to May. The best part? SLOTBANGJAGO winners of MAL MY secure a golden ticket to MPL Malaysia. It’s like a ladder to greatness – climb the academy league, win big, and step into the MPL spotlight.

Promotion and Relegation Drama: Coming Soon!

Hold on to your gaming chairs because the second half of 2024 is bringing some esports drama. A promotion and relegation system is in the works between MPL Malaysia and MAL MY. Translation? Teams ruling the MPL Malaysia might soar to greater heights, but those facing a rough patch could find themselves in the MAL MY league. It’s like the esports rollercoaster where only the best stay on top!

MOONTON Grand Strategy: 2024 Unleashed!

Why is MOONTON going all-in with MAL MY and other strategic moves? It’s all part of their 2024 game plan. The creators of MLBB are making waves in the esports world, and the MAL MY is just one piece of the puzzle. The Mid Season Cup is also on the horizon, set to replace the MLBB SEA Cup. MOONTON is crafting a future where Mobile Legends isn’t just a game; it’s a thriving esports universe.

In Conclusion: A New Era for MLBB in Malaysia

There you have it, MLBB fanatics! MOONTON Games and IO Esports are rewriting the MLBB story in Malaysia with the MAL MY league. It’s more than just a tournament; it’s a pathway for budding esports stars, a thrilling spectacle for fans, and a strategic move to strengthen the MLBB legacy. Get ready to witness the birth of new legends and the rise of Mobile Legends like never before. The game is on, and the excitement is through the roof!